Schweizerische Vakuumgesellschaft (SVG)
Société Suisse du Vide (SSV)
Swiss Vacuum Society (SVS)
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The Swiss Vacuum Society was created in 1952 with the German name "Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Vakuumphysik und -technik" and the French name "Société Suisse pour la Science et la Technique du Vide". In 2001, the Society adopted new statutes and the single name "swissvacuum". The Society is active in the vacuum science and technics and their applications.

Objectives of the Society

The main objective of swissvacuum is to promote and develop the vacuum science and technology. All aspects which deal with the production and measurement of vacuum, as well as their scientific and industrial applications are actively supported. Also included are the surface analysis and treatment, as well as material science and technologies (metals, ceramics, glass) as far as their processing involves vacuum.

Networking, a common advertiser platform on our web pages, teaching, participation in exhibitions are part of the benefits provided to our members.

In the scientific context, various support, such as legal aspects or filing-in a patent can also be provided.

The objectives of our Society are scientific, industrial and professionnal development. The level of teaching is at university grade, but oriented towards application in the industry. The Society also stimulates fundamental and applied research.

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